Navin Choudhary IAS Wikipedia, Bio, Age, UPSC, Wife, Bihar, Contact Number & more

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Navin Choudhary IAS Wikipedia, Bio, Age, UPSC, Wife, Bihar, Contact Number & more are discussed here.

Navin Choudhary, 54, is currently posted as principal secretary in the agriculture production department of the union territory. In his 26 years of service in Jammu and Kashmir, he has held many important positions, including that of finance secretary, principal secretary to the governor, and principal secretary to former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti.

Navin Choudhary IAS Wikipedia, Bio

NameNavin Choudhary
Born at1968
Birth PlaceDharbhanga, Bihar , India
Age 54 years (2022)
Known AsIAS Officer

Born in 1968, the eldest of four brothers and a sister, Choudhary had humble beginnings. He received his primary education at his village school in Majhaulia and secondary school education at Laliteshwar Madhusudan High School at Anandpur in Darbhanga. For his university education, he moved to Patna. He graduated with a degree in economics from the Bihar National College, Patna University.

In some ways, he could be seen standing halfway in a process that was unfolding at Patna University in the early 90s. As in other parts of Bihar, the uncertain university calendar was forcing a mass exodus of students to other parts of the country for higher education, mainly Delhi. That, however, wasn’t the case with him as he graduated from Patna University. However, it was also the time when Patna’s reputation as a breeding ground for future civil servants was fast fading. That had led many civil services aspirants in the state to move to Delhi for preparations. Choudhary did the same.

His success in the civil services exam was widely reported in newspapers published from Patna. As a schoolboy, and with a weird capacity for unimportant details, I somehow remember that the papers made it a point to mention his optional subjects in the exam – public administration and sociology.

What, however, was remarkable was that unlike many successful candidates with higher education degrees, he was simply a graduate. Unlike candidates with degrees in technical education, it was really bold for a student with a simple graduate degree in humanities to attempt and finally tame the exam. Those with humanities degrees usually attempted it while pursuing higher degrees or even research fellowships. In some ways, it showed his single-minded dedication, complemented by the slice of luck that you need to crack such intensely competitive examinations.

As he found himself again in the news cycle, the media in Bihar was quick to highlight his native identity. Hindustan, the most circulated daily in the state, ran a frontpage headline in its Patna edition declaring, “Darbhanga ke IAS ko Kashmir ka domicile (Kashmir domicile for Darbhanga IAS officer).” The regional daily Prabhat Khabar had a more dramatic headline on the front page, “Jammu Kashmir mein basne wale pehle vyakti bane Darbhanga ke Navin Choudhary (Navin Choudhary of Darbhanga becomes the first person to settle in Jammu and Kashmir).”

In their Patna editions, English dailies such as the Hindustan Times also emphasized his roots. “Darbhanga native gets domicile rights in J&K,” was the headline of the paper’s report.

Even the Patna wing of the state broadcaster All India Radio emphasised Choudhary’s native roots as it used hashtags of Bihar and Darbhanga in tweeting news about him getting the domicile certificate. In a way, the senior bureaucrat also remembered his native state as he thanked Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar in a tweet after getting the document.

In their reports from his native village, the news media emphasised the humble background of his parents. His father was a farmer and he stuck to his rural roots and farming profession even after his son found a place in the elite civil services.

Navin Navin Choudhary is married to Anita Choudhary of Samastipur district in Bihar, and they have two sons. His mother is happy that her son got the opportunity to be the legal resident of the place he served his entire career. “Vah Bihar ka Janmjaat putra hai to Jammu Kashmir ki dharti ka maanas putra hai (If he is the son of Bihar by birth, he has become Jammu and Kashmir’s son by choice),” she said in an interview to Hindustan.

Maanas putra is a concept in Hindu religious literature about the non-biological child, nurtured by wish. The villagers also remember Chaudhary’s visits to the village during festivals and functions. The reports also show how the news of Choudhary’s newfound and history-making domicile status has become a talking point in the village, bringing a sense of pride.

As a 25-year-old thin and studious-looking young man, Navin Choudhary, had found his way to newspapers for reasons that are still close to the dreams of youth in Bihar – success in the civil services exam. In Bihar, the next expectation once you succeed in that is to get the home cadre in the IAS, but he couldn’t get that. However, by being the first non-local bureaucrat to get the Jammu and Kashmir domicile, he has secured a distinct position. He seems to have made up for missing that home cadre.

IAS Navin Choudhary Biography

If you wish to pass the UPSC exam, one of the most significant things you can do is read about the IAS toppers’ success tales. When you read about their dedication and sacrifice, you will be inspired to work even more. Hard work alone isn’t enough to achieve a high career goal like UPSC.

The importance of proper preparation and time management in passing the exam cannot be overstated. You will study IAS Navin Choudhary’s biography and UPSC strategy in this article.

IAS Navin Choudhary Biography

He is the eldest of four brothers and has a sister. He was born in 1968 and is currently 53 years old. Naveen Choudhary came from a modest background. Kumar attended his local school in Majhaulia for basic school and Laliteshwar Madhusudan High School in Anandpur, Darbhanga, for secondary school.

He afterwards relocated to Patna, India, for further schooling. Naveen earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Patna University’s Bihar National College.

IAS Navin Choudhary Age

Navin Choudhary, 53, works as a principal secretary in the union territory’s agriculture production department. He has held several prominent roles in Jammu and Kashmir over his 26 years of service, including principal secretary to the governor, finance secretary, and principal secretary to former chief minister Mehbooba Mufti.

IAS Navin Choudhary Success Story

In some ways, he was caught in the middle of a process that was taking place at Patna University in the early 1990s. The unclear university calendar, as in other regions of Bihar, was pushing a major outflow of students to other parts of the country for higher education, namely Delhi.

That was not the case with him, as he received his diploma from Patna University. However, Patna’s reputation as a breeding ground for future public workers was rapidly disappearing at the time. As a result, several civil service hopefuls in the state have relocated to Delhi to prepare. Choudhary followed suit.


His accomplishment in the civil service exam was highly publicised in Patna newspapers. As a kid with an odd memory for insignificant details, he recalls the papers making a point of mentioning his optional subjects in the exam — sociology and public administration.


What was remarkable, though, was that, unlike many other successful applicants with advanced degrees, he was only a graduate. Unlike applicants with degrees in technical education, a student with a mere graduate degree in humanities attempting and eventually passing the exam was a huge risk.

It was frequently attempted by those with humanities degrees who were pursuing higher degrees or perhaps research grants. In some ways, it demonstrated his unwavering commitment, which was aided by a dash of luck that is required to pass such fiercely difficult exams.

IAS Navin Choudhary Current Posting

Naveen Kumar Choudhary, an IAS officer from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is a senior IAS officer. Despite being from outside Jammu and Kashmir, IAS Naveen Kumar became the first Administrative Service officer to receive a certificate of being a permanent resident of the state. For more than 15 years, Naveen Kumar worked for the government of Jammu & Kashmir.

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