Dollar vs Inr : Dollar To Inr Forecast Today Chart & History


Dollar vs Inr : Dollar To Inr Forecast Today Chart & History | date 31.7.2022

USD/INR – US Dollar Indian Rupee

USD to INR: Convert United States Dollar to Indian Rupee

The USD or the US Dollar has over the last few decades constantly been rising against the Indian rupee. In fact, off late there has been tremendous volatility that we are seeing in the USD VS INR. The price for both are largely determined in the forex markets, which begin trading at 9 am in the morning. If rates here change in the inter bank forex market, it reflects everywhere from trade to travel to remitting money from abroad.

June 2022Currency Exchange : USD to INR
st June Rate77.65 INR
30th June Rate78.88 INR
Highest rate in June79 INR on June 29
Lowest Rate in June77.47 INR on June 3
Over all performanceRising
% Change+1.56%

Live Dollar to Rupee Exchange Rate (USD/INR) Today

This Dollar to Rupee conversion tool allows you to compare the live inter-bank currency rate with competitive travel money exchange rates available within the foreign exchange markets.


Handy Conversion Data Table

Dollars to RupeesRupees to Dollars
1 USD79.195 INR1 INR0.0126 USD
2 USD158.39 INR2 INR0.0253 USD
5 USD395.975 INR5 INR0.0631 USD
10 USD791.95 INR10 INR0.1263 USD
15 USD1187.925 INR15 INR0.1894 USD
20 USD1583.9 INR20 INR0.2525 USD
25 USD1979.875 INR25 INR0.3157 USD
50 USD3959.75 INR50 INR0.6314 USD
100 USD7919.5 INR100 INR1.2627 USD
500 USD39597.5 INR500 INR6.3135 USD
1000 USD79195 INR1000 INR12.6271 USD
2500 USD197987.5 INR2500 INR31.5676 USD
5000 USD395975 INR5000 INR63.1353 USD
10000 USD791950 INR10000 INR126.2706 USD

Convert USD to INR Online

With BookMyForex currency calculator, you can convert Dollar to Indian Rupee at best exchange rates. Our Dollar to INR rates is LIVE and accurate to the last second. We update the rates every 3 seconds. allows you to check the rates which are interbank rates. Interbank rates are the same rates that you see on search engines or online currency converter websites or Business News Channels. You won’t be able to do better currency conversion anywhere else. BookMyForex offers the most updated foreign currency rates to its customers and thereby passes the benefit on to its clients in the form of a stronger exchange rate. 

How Can I Convert Dollar (USD) to Rupee (INR) in India?

There are multiple ways to convert USD to INR in India. The traditional approach of doing so involved going to banks. You stand in the queue and wait for your turn. This was not only time consuming but pretty frustrating and even after all the effort, you end up paying a high cost. The second way was to search for a money changer where the first check is whether they have the desired USD or not.

With that starts the long process of rate haggling and being surprised that you are not getting the rate you saw in business news channels. The third way was to do it at Airport; however, people realized that the cost to exchange USD to INR was way higher and charges were exorbitantly high at airports.


The smarter, faster and most economical way which is now being used by millions is using the online forex marketplace BookMyForex. We only deal with RBI authorized money changers, and hence you can trust us completely. Be smart to book the live rates from the comfort of your home with BookMyForex and get more money for your USD exchange.

Dollar Vs INR FAQs

Q: What is the Dollar worth against the Rupee?

A: One Dollar is worth 79.195 Rupees today

Q: Is the Dollar going up or down against the Rupee?

A: Today’s exchange rate (79.195) is the same value compared to yesterday’s rate (79.195).

Q: What is 50 Dollars in Rupees?

A: 50 Dollars buys 3959.75 Rupees at interbank exchange rates.


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