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Anu Beniwal wikipedia / Biography

NameAnu Beniwal
Known AsIPS Topper
Birth PlacePitampura, Delhi and in Physics honors
Rank639 (2019)
Almameter Hindu college, Delhi University
InstagramIPS Anu Beniwal (@anu_beniwal_ips) 

Success Story of Preeti Beniwal who cleared UPSC: 14 operations, 1 year in bed; The marriage broke up, but did not dare; Stuck in ‘Pre’ in the first attempt, then cleared the civil service exam after working so hard

Had 14 operations and was on bed for a year. Meanwhile the marriage broke up, but my courage did not break. Father encouraged and said do something. The story of becoming an IAS started from here only. Prepared on the bed itself. Stuck in pre on first attempt. In the second, I got pre-cleared, but more effort was needed. Worked so hard in the third time that I cleared the civil service exam. This is the story of Preeti Beniwal, daughter of Dupedi village in Karnal district of Haryana, who passed the UPSC exam and showed that when you have the will to do something, you can overcome any challenge and achieve your goal.

The dream was to become an IAS since childhood, but did not think that it would be fulfilled in these circumstances.
Preeti tells that since childhood, her dream was to join the civil service, but it was not even a distant thought to think that the dream would be fulfilled in such circumstances. After doing MTech in 2013, got a clerk job in Grameen Bank. Worked in Bahadurgarh from 2013 to 2016. After this, in 2016, he was selected for the post of Assistant General II in FCI. Worked in FCI from 2016 to January 2021 in Karnal. In January 2021, he was selected for the post of Assistant Section Officer in the Ministry of External Affairs. Presently she is serving in Delhi Ministry of External Affairs.

In February 2016, the marriage took place in a village in Matlauda block. After this, in December 2016, FCI was going to give exam in Ghaziabad for departmental promotion. She came in front of the train due to sudden foot slipping at Ghaziabad railway station. Three coaches of the train passed over the body. Bypass surgery was done and another 14 operations were done. When she came to the bed, she was not able to walk. The in-laws left. When her in-laws left her, she decided to move forward in life. I will fulfill my dream of becoming an IAS.

She remained on bed rest for about 1 year. During the job, there was no time to prepare for UPSC. Prepared for UPSC wholeheartedly during bed rest. When I took the exam for the first time, I was disappointed. In the second attempt, I was able to clear only pre. Gave the exam in 2020 and cleared UPSC.

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JE in Electricity Corporation was inspired by father Suresh.
Preeti told that she got her education from first to 5th standard from the unique school of nearby village Phafdana. Father Suresh was on the post of JE One in Thermal. Received education from 6th to 10th from the Government School of Thermal. While 12th non-medical education was taken from the Indian School of Matlauda. After this, from 2007 to 2011, he did B.Tech in Electric and Communication Engineering from NC College Israna. From 2011 to 2013, did MTech from SGI College Samalkha and after that got a job in Grameen Bank.

Father gave courage and achieved success
Preeti Beniwal said that her father Suresh Kumar and Anganwadi worker mother Babita have been inspirations. Brother Pankaj Beniwal supported him at every turn. Preeti told that she had gone to Ghaziabad to give the exam for promotion. Father Suresh was with him. During this, an accident happened with him at the railway station. Even during this time my father was with me, but even after seeing my condition, he did not give up. He took care of himself as well as me. When the treatment went on and he regained consciousness, he found himself in the hospital. Even in the hospital, the courage of the father inspired Preeti to move forward. It is because of him that she has become an IAS. Brother Pankaj is working as Patwari in Panchkula and sister-in-law is a private lecturer.

Success Mantra

Well, every UPSC candidate puts their best to get good scores in the examination. It is considered the toughest exam in India because of the competition. Every aspirant wants to serve the nation with his/ her knowledge, capabilities, and integrity. If you are doing UPSC preparation, you must be working hard for your dreams but some motivation is always required to boost you up for doing better.

The best way to stay motivated toward your goals is to go through the journey of someone who has gone through the same situation and has risen from the ashes as a phoenix. Let’s go through the incredible Anu Beniwal biography to understand the scenarios and achieve your goals with hard work and continuous efforts.

Anu Beniwal UPSC Journey

Anu Beniwal secured AIR 217. She hails from Pitampura, Delhi. Anu completed her and in Physics honours. She did her graduation from Hindu College, Delhi University. After completing her graduation, Anu spent some years researching the aspects of nanoscience. She has been intelligent and focused since her school. She always had a dream to serve the nation as an officer.

According to her, “I always had the drive but due to certain personal circumstances, it took me some time in starting my preparation journey. I wasted one attempt as I gave it before starting my preparation and I very strongly recommend that nobody should ever do it.”

She gave her first attempt in January 2018 and failed the preliminary round in her first attempt. She got shattered due to failure but winners are always the ones who move on and work on their dreams. She moved on with all her attention and gave 2019 prelims but failed in the mains paper.

She said that she failed due to fewer marks in her optional subject. She scored 211 marks in Geography in 2019. The year 2020 was incredible for her as this determined officer got 638 ranks. She gave another attempt in 2021 and achieved her goals with a 217 rank.

Anu Beniwal UPSC Preparation

According to this inspirational officer, every candidate has the same list of books and other study material but everyone lands in a different position. You need to work on finding qualitative material for your paper, practice it repeatedly, and assess it perfectly along with putting in hard work and dedication wholeheartedly.

You should stick to the syllabus and must create your notes. You should work on your writing section. If you are willing to achieve high scores, put your efforts into essay writing and make it simple yet influential. Anu Beniwal’s strategy was to focus on her GS paper and her optional subject, Geography.

She prepared her own notes to prepare for these sections. Anu enriched her mind with standard books and qualitative material available online. You should also learn to manage your time during the exam. According to her, if you are putting the right knowledge at the right time, you will see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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