Aditi Singh, IAS: Profile, Wiki, Husband and Family

Aditi Singh is a 2009 batch IAS officer of Uttar Pradesh Cadre. She is currently the DM of Ballia. She has been hailed as one of the most efficient officers of UP in handling Covid – 19 pandemic. Her stint in Hapur was extraordinary. 


Aditi Singh was born and brought up in Basti, UP. She used to dream about becoming an IAS officer since her school days. She belongs to a rich family. In fact, her mother had gifted a Mercedes when she was in college. She still uses Mercedes and many wonder that how come an IAS officer buy a high end personal vehicle. 


In a career spanning more than one decade, Aditi Singh can be said to be little bit lucky. She has been DM for maximum duration. In fact, she had become the DM of Pilibhit in 2013 itself. Later, she was in Raebareli, Sultanpur, Unnao and Hapur as DM. She has been collector for last 8 years.

She had assumed the post of DM in Hapur in April, 2018 only to be transferred in February, 2021 – an unusually long duration.

Personal Profile

Date of Birth16th August, 1983
Age37 Years
FatherD. P. Singh, a retired IAS officer and former Chairman of NIFT
Birth PlaceBasti, UP
Designation District Magistrate
Aditi Singh, IAS: Profile, Wiki, Husband and Family

Educational Qualification:

B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from Delhi University M.Phil. in Political Science from Delhi University

Family and Relationship:

Married to Abhishek Prakash, IAS


Interesting and Lesser Known Facts:

  • Aditi Singh is married to Abhishek Prakash who is also an IAS officer. The couple had gotten married even before Aditi had become an IAS officer.
  • The All India Rank of Aditi Singh in UPSC Civil Services Examination was 12. It may also be noted here that she had cracked UPSC CSE in her third attempt. 
  • The father of Aditi Singh, Mr. Dhananjay Pratap Singh, died recently after prolong illness. Aditi lit the funeral pyre and completed all rituals like a son.  
  • CBI has recommended action against her, along with two IPS officers, for negligence of duty in the infamous Unnao Rape Case involving powerful BJP politician Kuldeep Sengar. The victim had written many letters to Aditi, and she had ignored all of them. 

Aditi singh ias husband name

Abhishek Prakash DM Lucknow is the husband of Aditi Singh IAS

Aditi singh ias family

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अदिति सिंह आईएएस के पति

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